Bill Adelstein (Owner)

Bill began his career by earning Architecture and Structural Engineering degrees at Texas Tech University and then a Masters in Civil Engineering with Architectural Renovation specialization from Michigan State University.  His profession has led to a broad range of design and construction experience.  A growing interest in graphic design would soon lead him in new directions.

Throughout his career, he experienced the frustrating task of coordinating the design efforts of teams who weren’t always working in unison.  Marketing efforts, in particular, were often a “last minute scramble" to create presentations and proposals the night before.  Time or in-house skills were seldom available to develop high-quality presentations.

So, Bill founded Parti Productions with a vision of delivering first-class multimedia presentation services.  He has continued to hone his skills and now offers a suite of digital capabilities in Final Cut Pro video production, Photoshop image editing, Live Type & Motion titling animation, Sound Track Pro and Peak audio editing, Compressor media compression, iDVD & DVD Studio Pro disc editing, RapidWeaver web design and QuickTime multimedia content delivery.